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5 Home Decorating Ideas With Basket

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1. Plant A Tree

If you want to bring the outside tree to your room without making your room dirty. Baskets are lighter than standard planters, making it easier to move large plants. Just make sure to plant the tree in a plastic planter first to catch the water.

2. Provide Storage in the Guest Room

No guest room linen closet? No problem. Make your guest feel right at home by displaying extra pillows and blankets in an attractive basket as seen in this cute display from the grit and polish. Guest slippers or even a robe will go far to remind your guests just how happy you are that they came to visit.

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3. Organize Your Bathroom

Wicker baskets in a bathroom could attract mold and mildew, a bathroom that uses simple rose gold and black wire baskets to keep everything in order. Roll guest towels, organize face products, or store those fuzzy slippers you love hopping into after a bath. Because this type of basket features a wide "weave," it's important to keep things tidy

4. Utilize Wasted Space

The awkward space above your cabinets is often left to gather dust and nothing more. Put it to work by adding a few storage baskets for things you rarely need. Because this space often gets greasy from stove use, we recommend a wire or fabric basket you can easily clean. If you don't want to climb to get your kitchen items, a beautiful mess shows how you can make this extra space a little less awkward by displaying vintage bottles or cans in baskets.

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5. Keep The Counters Clean

Organizing your kitchen counter is a task no one wants to do, but we all feel much better once it's taken care of. A wide basket to keep all of those random spices and oils in order without hiding them from view. This shallow basket also works well on a coffee table to organize candles, pens, and other useful but cluttered knickknacks.

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