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Our Beloved Ubud Village

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Ubud is a very well known tourist destination in Bali. It is often mistaken for a small city, it is an administrative district (kecamatan) with a population of 74,800 (as of the 2020 Census) in an area of 42.38 km2. The area surrounding the town is made up of small farms, rice paddies, agroforestry plantations, and tourist accommodations. Ubud is home to some of the most spectacular sights of Bali. Travelers from all over the world come here to learn more about Balinese culture, to awe at the most beautiful rice terraces, to chase waterfalls, and of course, to shop. While you will find souvenir shops almost everywhere on the island, there is no better place to go shopping for clothing, accessories, souvenirs and so much more than at the Ubud Art Market. The Ubud Art Market is one of Ubud’s must sees, and after shopping here a couple of times ourselves we thought we would share our tips and tricks, so you can decide for yourself if the Ubud Art Market is something you would want to add to your Bali itinerary.


Now that you know where the Ubud Art Market is located, you might be wondering what they sell here and if this is of any interest to you. The name of the market might slightly deceive you but this market sells a whole lot more than art, and probably has something for everyone’s liking. Here are some of the main items you’ll find at the Ubud Art Market:

Clothes – You didn’t pack enough clothes, or just looking for a new outfit, head over to the Ubud Art Market! Dresses, skirts, tops, shorts, the classic elephant pants, t-shirts, this market truly has it all. The clothes at this market are mainly for girls and women, however, with a bit of browsing, you’ll find plenty of clothes for men and kids as well. You’ll find many shops selling the same items, so if that first shop doesn’t have the color you were looking for, just check a couple of other shops and you’ll be almost guaranteed to find it!

Sarongs – You will also be able to find beautiful and traditional Balinese textiles, such as Batik and Ikat sarongs, at the Ubud Art Market, available in a large number of styles. From bright colors to darker colors, simple patterns to elaborate patterns, and some even decorated with golden lines. You’ll find sarongs in all kinds of price ranges, with the more simple sarongs being at the lower end of the price range and the Ikat sarongs being at the higher end of the price range.

Jewelry – Perhaps looking for a slightly smaller souvenir to take home? Look for the jewelry at the Ubud Art Market! Silver bracelets, rings, necklaces, you’ll find several vendors selling a little bit of everything. I personally love the minimalistic jewelry that you’ll find at the Ubud Art Market such as the simple and delicate silver rings, however, with the large number of different styles of jewelry that is sold here I am sure that there is something here for everyone!

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