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Sourcing Tour

If You Are Based In Bali, Or Plan To Visit Bali

a sourcing tour is a great way to meet new partners for your business.

During a sourcing tour we will accompanied you and will be available to provide information and consultation about the processes.

A Sourcing Tour can take one or two days, depending on your needs.

The schedule will be customized, based on your needs. We will have a meeting with you in preparation to the tour to understand your project and needs, such as whether you are looking to source available products for wholesale from the supplier, or looking for artisans to work on custom projects. We will also take into account your estimated order quantities, to make sure we will introduce you to makers with the right capacity for your project.

After the Sourcing Tour we will be more than happy to continue working with you and offer our sample development, production management and/or quality control services. We will assist you to comunicate with the suppliers to make you easier and less stress during the production process.

Have any question regarding our sourcing tour?

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