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Promotes its artisans and their
commendable talent
by bringing the spotlight
on the goods crafted by them.
"Bringing paradise to your home"
Carving Process
Budha statue
Thanking the universe

DARI BALI serves diverse range of Indonesian products. Every single detail of the products representing the beauty and tenacity of the craftsmen's skill.

We offer the effortless and comfortable shopping access either for retailer or wholesaler.

We are supported by well selected manufactures and talented team.

Our self owned shipping company will provide the safest delivery to our abroad customers.


 Marcel - Germany

Chimpanzodrome Kletter

a very professional company. I shipped my goods with them in Sep. 2019 and there were absolutely no troubles. The communication with Hendra was very good, fast answers- everytime available.
The paperwork was also without any problems. The german customs authorities were very confident with all the certificates and documents.
The packing and load securing were quite brilliant too, no damage at all! (We shipped also goods made out of glass!)


I had experienced when I had sent some Balinese souvenir to my Owner. their service simply excellent. they way they treat me when I was entering their office is like a important person, with the clean and cozy area. their staff explain their policy and the calculation really clear for me, so it make me so comfortable to talk with them. in the end they called me back to ask how is my item and how is my feedback


Frank Talens -


Dear Mr. Hendra, All product arrived at my place today in good order. Thank you for the hard work you have done for me.
I will now start to set up the front-end of my business hopefully it goes very well.
As we all know it takes time and effort to start up a company so it probably will take some time before i will need your help again.But then who knows if in the coming years i can make this company grow bigger i might need your help a lot of the time. It is at least my plan to do so
Again thank you for your help
Hopefully you will hear from me soon.

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