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Book Review : Bali Inspired: Architecture for the Tropical World by Popo Danes

With over eighty architectural projects completed since 1986, Popo Danes's reputation stretches far beyond his native Bali. Popo's signature buildings - private residences, boutique hotels, villas, and resorts - are located in many places across the world but are concentrated on the island of Bali. His work celebrates local heritage through a contemporary aesthetic. Popo is known for designing beautiful buildings that have been carefully shaped for a tangible balance between human and nature. As an architect, he has always been concerned with functionality, ensuring his buildings are aligned with the natural surroundings and that there is a strong connection between the property's architecture, interior, and landscape.

The book explores Popo's body of work by surveying his unusual approach, his inspirations, and his way of working, showing the uniqueness of his creative process

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