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Dari-Bali Shipping Partner

Dari-Bali is the most complete exclusive online shopping center by its head office in Bali. It has become a solution to the needs of tourists and the community by offering a variety of goods all available only at is the right choice for finding authentic Balinese products. Dari-Bali also provides convenience in accessing and using services so that it is very helpful for customers to get their needs appropriately.

Dari-bali has been working with some projects across the world. One of the projects that Dari-Bali has since the past three years is a project for Shopping Centre in Jeju Island, Korea.

Not only working for projects. Dari-Bali also become the first one to call when the customers couldn’t come to Bali during the pandemic. We have so many customers around the world such as Australia, South Africa, and around Europe.

Dari-Bali also has its own shipping services, the company name is Adhi Darma Cargo. Adhi Darma has been working through freight forwarding service since 1995 with a lot of experiences gained in the last 25 years, we have confidently become one of the most reliable and trustworthy cargo companies on the island.

Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) specialized in International Air Freight and Sea Freight Forwarder and Logistics Transportation Solutions with its office and warehouse located in Ubud - Bali, Indonesia. We also assist our customers with local handling (logistics, collections, packing, and shipping) for many types of commodities. When you shop with Dari-Bali you don't have to worry about the shipping because we can handle your goods and ship them professionally to your destination.

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