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Mediterranean Home Style

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

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Mediterranean-style homes are heavily influenced by the architecture of Spain and Italy, as well as other European countries, including France, Portugal, and Greece. With its emphasis on warmth and outdoor living, the aesthetic is often associated with wealth and a leisurely lifestyle. Stateside, it gained widespread popularity in the 1920s, especially in California and Florida, where it continues to be a popular home style until today.

Types of Mediterranean homes

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Mediterranean Revival homes are unique in that they borrow influences from a few different cultures in that geographic region. In particular, Italian and Spanish are seen most commonly. Below is an explanation of the differences between the two:

Italian Renaissance (1890-1930)

As the name suggests, Italian Renaissance homes borrow some of their inspiration from the 16th-century buildings of the Italian Renaissance. Specifically, this can be seen in their imposing scale, as well as architectural details like columns and rounded arches. That said, this style also borrows from its own time period, which began at the end of the victorian era. Of the different styles of Mediterranean homes, Italian Renaissance homes are the most ornate.

Spanish Revival (1915-1930)

Spanish Revival homes are based on the architecture that the Spanish Colonists brought to America in the 16th century. This architectural movement was especially popular in warmer, coastal areas like California and Florida. Spanish Revival homes are a bit simpler than the other Mediterranean varieties. They feature cleaner lines, as well as a lower-pitched roofline that appears thicker and heavier.

Modern Mediterranean

Modern Mediterranean architecture can follow either Spanish or Italian design. It brings back a concentration on resort-style living. These homes borrow aesthetic details from the traditional Mediterranean home style with many of the comforts of modern living. These homes usually feature open floor plans, expansive, updated kitchens, and an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living.

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