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Modern Interior Design

Modern design is a style of interior design that emerged in the early twentieth century and continues to inspire contemporary interior designers. Modern design is an interior design style characterized by a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, minimalism, natural materials, and natural light. It refers specifically to a historical aesthetic movement that took place during the early to mid-twentieth century.

5 Defining Elements of Modern Design

If you're looking to incorporate the modern look in your home, consider the following modern design ideas:

  1. Clean lines: Modern homes are constructed with clean, straight lines and minimal ornamentation.

  2. Minimal home decor: Modern spaces are free from clutter and unnecessary flourishes. Modern decor prioritizes functionality over fashion.

  3. Neutral colors: Modern style steers clear of bright colors in favor of a monochromatic, neutral color palette. Think white, beige, gray, black, and pastel tones.

  4. Open floor plan: Use furniture instead of walls to differentiate between the spaces of an open plan home. For example, a kitchen island can separate a kitchen from the dining room, and a sectional sofa can bring definition to an open living room.

  5. Low and long furniture: Long furniture pieces situated low to the ground can give your home a modern look if they’re also made from natural materials like unpainted wood or metal. Leather and fabric upholstery, wood veneers (such as those used to create the classically mid-century modern Eames chair), glass, chrome, steel, and concrete are also popular finishes for modern furniture.

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