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Holy Fringing and Shell

Holy Fringing and Shell


EXQUISITE HAND MADE BALINESE CRAFTSMANSHIP –Every pillow cover is uniquely and authentically made by some trained and skilled woman on the island. Ideas and new motives are a constant innovation that we keep creating. Custom and requested designs are welcomed. We love to share and hear from your request as well.


Despite the booming of tourism on the island, many villages are still forgotten, their people marginalized and have pretty much no particular skill. An increasing number of women find themselves struggling between tourism-driven inflation and increasing competition in the low-skilled job market. In Bali, girls are four times less likely to receive education than males. Leading them into poverty, less educated and do not have the ability to support the growth of their family. That condition makes us realize the importance to support and create a sustainability environment for that woman. Our products help the woman in the family to gain skill in the same time to earn side income to grow her family. There is a growing understanding that women’s empowerment has a positive ripple effect on families, communities, and cultures. Learn the skills to earn independent and sustainable incomes resulting in improved living standards and community development. Children of educated women are more likely to become educated as their mothers are able to make informed life-choices, which includes preparing for their children's futures.


We offer you two different prices for retail and wholesale. If your purchase is below 20 pcs, we will consider it as retail sale. However, you can get wholesale price by purchasing more than 20, it is a suitable option if you are a bulk buyer and use it for reselling purpose also to reduce the shipping cost of it.


Ps: Price are for the case only- Without the pillow cushion

  • Size

    H 45 cm x L 45 cm

  • Delivery

    • Items are light and taking less space. We can provide door to door delivery based on the quantity of your order. Please contact us to discuss.

  • Stock

    Pre order items

  • Maretial

    Raw Cotton, Shells and Fringing

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