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Rattan Fruits tray with handle and weaving

Rattan Fruits tray with handle and weaving


This type of rattan product is unique for it's more detailed weaving which looks perfectly neat and high-quality. Hand-made by family production of historical village of Tenganan who keep their unique culture Bali Aga alive.

Before the 1970s Tenganan village was known by anthropologists to be one of the most secluded societies of the archipelago. 

According to legend, the people of Tenganan Pegringsingan were selected by the god Indra to administer a territory that was conceived in accordance with his divine plan to be a microcosm of the world. They were instructed to use every means to keep it pure and clean. The concept of territorial, bodily and spiritual purity and integrity is of paramount importance in the village.

  • Size

    Diameter 25

    Height 33

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