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Sukabumi Green Stone - Soft Surface (Best Seller)

Sukabumi Green Stone - Soft Surface (Best Seller)


This style of Sukabumi stone is the one used in many of the famous and outstanding natural pool at the 5 stars Hotels in Bali.


This will be a super additional exterior choice of style that will make your pool come nowhere closer than to paradise.


Come in 4 sizes. Other thickness or size can be discussed.

Price is per Meter Square / 100cm x 100 cm area



Products are naturally mined, not a factory made production. Bear in mind that there could be some slight difference on sizing (not always perpect/exact "mm" or  always 90 degree of right angles.

Local installer in Indonesia normally play really good on installing and cutting them quick to make the right angles.

Export quality can be requested, but please expect much longer production time and also almost doubling the tiles price. Discuss your project us first before putting order :)


For Export: this tiles also considered to be a C Mining commodity by Indonesian government, our trusted cargo will take care of the export legalities smoothly.

  • Size

    10cm x 10cm

    10cm x 20cm

    15cm x 20cm

    20cm x 20cm

  • Delivery

    Wholesale quantity and delivery by ocean is the best options to purchase these items. Please contact us to discuss.

  • Stock

    Pre-order item

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