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Product Shipping

Shipping with us is one of our strengths and benefits for you.  We are in one site with so we can ensure and visibly supervise most of your logistic process. Picking up, packing and loading are all under our eyes of supervision.
Furthermore our sister company Adhi Darma Cargo has already over 25 years of excellence and experience in shipping. One of the most experienced and leading shipping companies on the island who is professionally taking care of the export needs.

Shipping methods are determined by the quantity and dimension of your order. Small packages and samples are easily delivered by courier like DHL, Fedex or TNT. Our cargo offers far better prices than published rates of these trustable companies, because we have long term contract with them. But bigger items for wholesale purpose will be cost efficient to be shipped using the ocean freight (by LCL or FCL) or airfreight to the airport service.

With a long term and high volume of shipments, our cargo ensures to give you the most affordable price and also provides the fastest available schedule for shipping. Adhi Darma Cargo have long term contract with shipping lines as well courier lines. This will definitely be a great benefit and guarantee the stability of your business in one place.

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  1. Shipping quote determined by your product’s volume and will be charged in US Dollar.

  2. Shipping quote will be sent to you separately from your goods purchasing.

  3. Once the shipping quote is agreed, you will need to pay all the general balance for orders and shipping to one bank account to ease the transfer and reduce the transfer fee cost.

  4. When the payment completed, delivery process will move forward. All freight booking, export documents requirements, Indonesian custom clearance and certain products verification will be processed.

  5. You will be informed about the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). At the same time you will also receive the tracking number to check the position of your shipment.

  6. Custom documents will be delivered to your address (if by ocean freight), it will be required for clearance. The representative agent will also contact you prior to arrival to give you notification on your arriving item.

Do you have any questions related to shipping Bali products to your country?

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